Am I crazy?

Have you ever heard of the term gaslighting?

No? For years I hadn’t either but I’m here today to tell you what it means.

Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation that’s used to plant a seed of doubt into someone’s mind that makes them question their own version of reality.

  • They can tell you a downright lie which you even know is a lie.
  • They can deny they even said something despite you having the proof that they did.
  • You’ll be told that you’re too sensitive, paranoid, mentally unstable, silly or unhinged.
  • They’ll discredit what you say making you feel as if you’re crazy.
  • They’ll change the subject or make statements like, “You remember it all wrong.”
  • They can minimize your feelings. “You’re just being too sensitive.”
  • They deny or avoid certain things
  • They’ll tell you that you “Have it all wrong.” eventually leading you to doubt yourself.

You’re left constantly second guessing yourself, wondering what’s the truth and what’s a lie.

It can promote anxiety, depression, and can even cause mental breakdowns when pressed.

Your partner may make you feel like you can’t correctly remember specific scenarios. You might feel neurotic or as if you’re ‘losing it’. You might feel the need to withdraw yourself due to the depression, overwhelming feelings of hopelessness or even find it difficult to trust your own judgment. You might be afraid to voice your feelings or find it impossible to stand up for yourself.

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